A Beautiful, Chilly, Southern, Lowcountry Wedding

McClellanville, SC Wedding
McClellanville, SC Wedding

What do you get when you mix a Furman bride with a Citadel groom? You get a gorgeous southern wedding near Charleston, South Carolina. McClellanville to be exact! It's only 40 miles up the coast from one of the world's most sought after cities for weddings, vacations, and Southern living. It was such a delight to photograph this Lowcountry wedding for Marina and Dallas.

Even on a chilly afternoon in December, South Carolina is buzzing with beauty and the perfect backdrop for getting hitched! The day started with Marina getting ready at the home of a family friend. The beautiful ceremony took place at St. James Santee Episcopal Chapel of Ease (established in 1706). The reception followed at the home of a family friend (on the waterway)! I'm talking about a gorgeous backyard with oak trees, Spanish moss hanging low from the limbs, sunset peeking over the water, and a salty breeze to happily fill your lungs. Marina, Dallas, and their friends and family sure knew how to have a good time. With Southern cuisine, spirits, and festive dancing, the bride and groom celebrated their grand day with love, joy, and companionship. Cheers to the newly wed couple!

McClellanville, SC Wedding

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